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Ruben Bonet

Hi All ! I have made Carros de Foc in 4 days with "Guies Carros de Foc" (with Xavi!) together with my son and a friend. The decision couldn't be more correct ! Going with a guide you can enjoy the ride without fear of getting lost, with sense of security even with adverse conditions such as bad weather or snow, and with complete supervision for the technical issues such as the "piolet" and "crampons" use. I am an "expert" in this mountains (going there every year since I was a teenager) but this time i wanted to push me a little bit more and offer a unique experience to my son. This is why I choose to make it with Xavi. Also, we had a lot of fun and in the refugees!

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Samuel Amar

Dear Fidel,
I am one out of the group of Greek hikers, that you had been walking with for 7 days in Carros de Foc.
I would like to thank you and your collegue, Jordi, for your exceptional professional attitude, as well as your friendly behaviour during our trekking.

Samuel Amar

Carles Jorba

molt bones experiències viscudes durant la travessa de Carros de Foc

Mikel Robson

It was a very nice experince walk during 6 days in Aiguestortes NP with this company! The guide Fidel was very professional. Thanks a lot!
Amazing landscapes!!

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Va ser molt bona travessa i en mans de professionals!

Xavi jimenez cabrol

Vaix fer la carros apuntanme aun grup obert , la experiencia es bestial
Conpanhia de guies va fer qye uns desconeguts acavesim sent uns bons amics i gaudi de una travesia espacial gracies

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